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Manuel Zelaya calls for “great popular mobilization”

Manuel Zelaya calls for “great popular mobilization”

The ruling Libertad y Refoundación (Libre) party on Monday called for mobilization this Tuesday in favor of the country’s accession to the CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, the approval of the Tax Justice Act, and the creation of an international anti-corruption mechanism.

the “Very popular fillingIt was held by the General Coordinator of Liber, former Governor Manuel Zelaya, who is also an advisor to President Xiomara Castro, and will start this Tuesday around 5:00 pm local time (23:00 GMT) on a street in Tegucigalpa.

The aim of the march is to demand the approval of the Honduran Parliament Tax Justice Actsent by the executive branch last April, which, according to Zelaya, “intercepts” the Honduran Council for Special Projects (Cohep), leading the country’s main business.

In addition, the coordinator of the Libre party, who appeared in 2011, after the coup he suffered, expressed their support for President Castro to establish an international commission against corruption and impunity (Cicih) with the support of the United Nations, the former president on June 28, 2009.

The mobilization, backed by President Castro, would also demand Honduras to join the Confederation of African Football (CAF) after it was not ratified by the Honduran parliament last week, which it had approved in May by 66 votes out of the 128 deputies who make up the legislature. .

Parliament’s bill to approve Honduras’ accession to CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, also known as Andean Development Corporation, has been sent by the executive branch.

the Free packing The call was made in parallel with the “torch march”, which was promoted today, Tuesday, by dozens of civil society organizations to demand the establishment of cicihone of the election promises of the country’s president, which she ratified when she took office on January 27, 2022.

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group of experts from United nations He arrived in Honduras last week to advise the country on the future establishment of an international commission after the Honduran government and the United Nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last December for what would be cicih.

The General Secretariat of United nations The Honduran government will negotiate the terms of the bilateral agreement required to establish the final mechanism.”

according to United nationsInternational Mechanism v corruption It will enter into force when that agreement is in force, there is written agreement on the minimum legal guarantees and requirements for the commission’s work and a United Nations intergovernmental body has been given the corresponding mandate.

The direction of the Commission is determined by the Secretary-General United nations “To ensure their independence, impartiality and independence,” according to the United Nations. EFE