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"Game Boy robacoches";  New car theft tool |  News from Mexico

“Game Boy robacoches”; New car theft tool | News from Mexico

United kingdom. – “Game boy ‘piratasip” is the innovative tool for robot of cars more modern, even in electricity.

But it’s not a file video gamebut it’s modern device program from to cheat The vehicle To make you think you have a key electronics.

in a Video issued by policeman in a United kingdom It is possible to see the new technology used.

Car theft with a “Gameboy” pirate

A few seconds is enough. First, two subjects approach the parked car and check that no one is around.

Someone pulls out of his pocket what appears to beNintendo Game Boy‘, but instead it is a file device similarsome with legend sip.

A few moments are enough for the cars stay open completely.

Fake Thieves Security Scheme

Once inside, the thieves take a few moments Brilliantly overcome The Planned from Safety Thanks to this device, which tricks the car into thinking that a key encrypted El Universal said it is located inside the unit.

finally, They started the parked truck At the entrance to the house and retire Car theft like this.

Police Men I managed to arrest those responsible and make sure of deviceWhich, according to the same authority, was acquired by the thieves for just over $27,000.

How robacoches “the game” works

It is a program with a menu with several options divided by brand of the cars.

Creates a large number of groups that were originally set to smart keys subordinate cars.

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When you find a combination of a key In that car, the device will appear as the presence key, and it will appear when it is near the car light up and start without any problem.

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According to the officers, the device Bought at meInternet By thieves and their cost 27 thousand dollars, just over half a million pesos at the current exchange rate.

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