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Galilea Montejo conquers Tokyo with photos from the bathtub, this is how she enjoys her luxurious vacation with Isaac Moreno

Galilea Montejo conquers Tokyo with photos from the bathtub, this is how she enjoys her luxurious vacation with Isaac Moreno

Galilea Montejo has captured attention on social networks in the last few hours because she published a post on Instagram in which she was able to explain why she is considered one of the most attractive women in all of show business because it turns out that the host of the program “Hoy” who was found… Vacation in Japan With Isaac Moreno, he caused sighs when he showed himself Almost normal from the pelvisThe revealing photos caused a stir among her fans, and as expected, the actress and model from Guadalajara received hundreds of compliments.

As we mentioned before, it was through Instagram where Galilea Montejo He released these two photos, in which he did not add a single word as a caption, merely indicating that he continues to enjoy his vacation in… TokyoJapan, the destination she traveled to for several days with her handsome lover, the Spanish model, Isaac Moreno With whom will they spend their first Christmas as a married couple?

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Galilea Montejo will spend her first Christmas with Isaac Moreno. Photo: IG: galileamontijo

Galilea Montejo steals sighs from the bathtub

For these amazing postcards, Galilea Montejo posed within a Luxury bathtub; She clearly wasn't wearing a single piece of clothing and only had a towel tangled over her head, however, the driver took advantage of the same tub to make sure she didn't show too much, and so she managed to. The sensuality of waste As she played with a glass of white wine she was holding in her hand, sunglasses and various items of jewelry she was wearing also stood out, making her look more than sophisticated.

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Galilea Montejo caused a sigh more than once with these postcards. Photo: IG: galileamontijo

It is worth noting that another element that strongly caught the attention of her postcards was the stunning view beyond the hostess of Hoi from where much of the city of Japan could be seen. Likewise, these items showed a Guadalajara businesswoman and her boyfriend, Isaac Moreno, residing in the house One of the most luxurious hotels in Japan.

It is important to note that although there is no trace of Isaac Moreno in these photos, there is in other posts Galilea Montejo He said that the handsome Spanish model was responsible for taking the photos that he shared during his stay in Japan.

Galilea Montejo conquers all of Tokyo with its overwhelming beauty. Photo: IG: galileamontijo

Compliments are pouring in for Galilea Montejo after the beauty's appearance in Tokyo

As expected, Galilea Montijo’s post sparked great anger among her more than 10 million followers on the aforementioned Meta application, and the proof of this is that in just a few hours her photos were able to surpass 23 thousand likes Moreover, on this occasion, the “Hoy” host restricted comments and only allowed her close list of friends to shower her with praise.

Alfonso Wethsmann, Verka, Claudia Lizalde, Marco Leone, Martha Carrillo, Andrea Legarreta Isaac Moreno himself was one of the celebrities who paid tribute to Galilea Montejo and thanks to said praise, the Guadalajara presenter was able to reassert herself as one of the most attractive women in all of Mexico's entertainment.