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Former President Uribe responds to Mancuso’s new statements

Former President Uribe responds to Mancuso’s new statements

“Mancuso, you bastard, before I said that when they passed by Obirimo they didn’t look because I didn’t help them.” The former president wrote on his account “X” (formerly Twitter).

In his statements to JEP, Mancuso referred to Uribe-Velez’s relationships with aides. He claims to have evidence, but nothing is known yet. | picture: Capture video

“Public roads intersect this property and the house is located on the road, where visitors’ vehicles, including those of the public force, usually leave, as Mr Suarez did when he went to inquire about my well-being.” Uribe Velez explained in detail that Mancuso’s version does not match.

In addition, The former president explained that the statements of Mancuso, who was appointed by the government of President Gustavo Petro as peace director and accepted by the Special Court of Peace, must be proven by evidence.

This response by former President Uribe adds to the controversy that has been growing in recent months, since Mancuso began to gain greater notoriety due to his dealings with the JEP.

In reality, The former paramilitary leader has already made other statements about Uribe, linking him to the El Aro massacre, indicating that the former president was aware of these events, and also saying that top paramilitary leader Carlos Castaño provided support to Uribe during his government. Mancuso added to all this that he met with Colonel Raul Suarez and Uribe in El Obremo.

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For his part, Uribe denied all his statements. Regarding the alleged meeting, he supported his story with the account given by Suarez to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in which he stated that he had “no confidence in the friendship or relationship with Dr. Álvaro Uribe.” This means that it is unacceptable that I met or introduced Mr. Salvatore Mancuso or vice versa.”

The relationship of the regular man (retired) with the former president, as he declared, was limited to providing him with security guarantees due to the threats that were facing him at that time: “Sometimes, it was up to me to install the security apparatus and nothing more.”

Suarez denied any kind of rapprochement with the paramilitaries, contrary to the account Mancuso told JEP.

To discredit Uribe’s alleged relationship with Carlos Castaño, and his alleged ties to paramilitary groups, The leader of the Democratic Center referred to the book “My Confessions”, in which Carlos Castaño stated that he did not know him personally and did not support his candidacy for the presidency, because Uribe was a thorn in the side of the United Self-Defense Union. Colombian forces.

At the end of his letter, Oribe Velez confirms this “Mancuso is lying. He said Castaño supported me. Castaño, whom I never met, said the opposite, that it was harmful to them. And here is the quote from his writing. My rejection of the support that Mancuso said he gave me in a conversation with Father Durroux. The JEP considers that to be a paraphrase New Mancuso. “He accepts it with impunity.”

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A few minutes later, Uribe Velez published some parts of the book “Por las sendas de El Ubérrimo”, written by Alirio Uribe Muñoz and Iván Cepeda, Mancuso says he saw Uribe and passed through El Obirimo, but does not mention meeting him. The former president posted the photos with the message: “Which Mancuso should we believe?”