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Árbitro Mario Escobar y Lionel Messi

This is how Guatemalan referee Mario Escobar was with Lionel Messi in the Argentina-Australia match

The Argentine national team managed to win 2-1 against AustraliaAnd pass it to the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Albiceleste team achieved Wonderful explanations from Lionel Messi and Julian AlvarezDespite his struggles in the final minutes of the Australian offense.

This meeting It was especially special for Lionel Messinot only for scoring the first goal for the Elbelisti, but because he was playing his thousandth match at a professional level.

Among the heroes of the match is Guatemalan Mario Escobar Tuca, This time he was chosen as the fourth official in the match against Albiceleste.

Escobar already has experience in the biggest soccer tournament, Being the main referee for the Wales-Iran match in the group stage.

Guatemalan rule He was caught with the Argentine on two occasions in the matchThe first was before the start of the match.

Mario Escobar Tuca was the fourth official in the match between Argentina and Australia at the World Cup in Qatar. (Free press photo: EFE)

in photography The referees’ body was found along with the captains of Argentina and Australiaafter drawing lots to see who moves the ball first.

The second photo, which quickly spread on social networks It’s from the moment Lionel Messi and Mario Escobar met in the lobby.

The photo shows the Guatemalan and Argentinian together, while Escobar smiles as big as Messi.

The second photo caught the attention of Guatemalan users on social networks. who expressed joy and pride About the fact that Mario Escobar was with Lionel Messi, who is considered by many to be one of the best players in history.

A week ago it was Bale, today it’s Messi’s turn.Escobar’s joy in meeting Messi” and “Tuca represents Guatemala in Qatar” They were among the most prominent comments on social networks.

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