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Florida Gov. Govt. 19 - Removes All Restrictions on Travel - Life

Florida Gov. Govt. 19 – Removes All Restrictions on Travel – Life

Governor Florida, Ron Desantis, put an end to all activity this Monday Restrictions Attached Govit-19 In the South American state, citing its effectiveness comes into effect immediately Vaccines.

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Desantis signed into law a law that would not apply to local emergency orders – which imposes restrictions due to Govt-19 – until July 1, signing an executive order “covering the gap” between now and then.

“Based on the evidence, this is what you need to do,” the Republican governor told a news conference in St. Petersburg in the west, referring to the reduction of infections and deaths to improve the vaccination process.

This announcement allows for the latest decision by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travel resume Ann United States By mid-July, 98% of the crew and 95% of the passengers had been vaccinated.

Last Thursday, the news was welcomed by the South Florida-based Norway, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, which are considered the world’s three largest cruise ships. But it is not immediately clear how the CDC’s requirements will be aligned with this new Florida state law.

About nine million people — 41.9% of the total 21.5 million residents — have received at least one dose of the vaccine in Florida, according to the U.S. Department of Health.

“At this point, vaccinated individuals certainly do not occur because they are not available,” de Sandis said.

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The vaccine was implemented last Friday for everyone over the age of 16 without the need to prove their residency in the state, which is the document required from January to meet the high initial demand.

This helped to vaccinate undocumented individuals, who had difficulty proving their residency, and, quietly, those who were invited. Vaccine Travel.

Desantis criticized the stringent health care measures still in place in other states of the country. At this point, residents still need to “see” those who say, “they don’t trust vaccines, they don’t trust data, they don’t trust science.”

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Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has refused to impose a lockout on the state.

The Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are often available at federal, state and county centers; Accessible at many pharmacies and supermarkets in the United States.

Desantis added that states or district and municipal governments cannot close businesses for failing to comply with anti-epidemic measures.

The law also prohibits businesses from requiring a “vaccination passport” from their employees or customers, which the governor had already mandated by an April 2 executive order.

Is it safe?

Following Desantis’ announcement, several local government officials criticized his decision.

“This order basically states that the Govt crisis in Florida is over,” Miami Beach Democratic Mayor Dan Kelber told the local Miami Herald newspaper.

“We are not yet safe by any objective criteria,” he said. As of this Monday, nearly 3,000 new cases have been reported in Florida Corona virus And 41 deaths. In all, 36,000 people have died in the state since the outbreak began in March.

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Rick Chrisman, the Democratic mayor of St. Petersburg, joined the critique at a press conference, where he said, “This law is not for the protection of the Floridians. It is political and it should not happen.”


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