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Five mental tricks to never be lazy when exercising

Five mental tricks to never be lazy when exercising

It is said that the power of the mind is infinite. Some experts even say that head power can achieve extraordinary things. And, of course, if the mind is supposed to be the leader of the actions, thoughts, decisions and movements of the human body.

In this case it will not be the exception. Most people by focusing on exercise and training whether at home or in the gym, It costs them a lot because of the laziness that this activity generates. Your brain immediately sends you a message of tiredness, numbness, and aversion to the subject.

As for cases of low self-esteem due to weight, Tony Camus, a renowned therapist specializing in clinical hypnosis, says: It is possible to lose weight and exercise thanks to self-programming It works to provide security and strength and thus increase self-esteem, Teaching to control fears and insecurities and make stress disappear automatically.

Get out of your comfort zone and create new challenges that help keep you motivated. – Photo: Getty Images

Also, if the people who I tried to exercise to lose weight, but it wasn’t successful Or they lose weight and gain it back, it is because their beliefs and thoughts do not align with their goals, which slows down the whole process.

laziness, Sometimes you invade more than usual and most people put sports aside To have a “good life”. And worst of all, your mind becomes your worst enemy in this regard. For this reason, it is essential to train the mind with these five mental tricks that will help motivate the entire body to exercise, according to the Health and Wellness Portal, WomanToday.

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Set real goals

  • Get out of your comfort zone and create new challenges that help keep you motivated.
  • Of course, always set goals that are realistic and achievable. Otherwise, they can further inhibit the process.

Record every progress

  • Keeping a daily record of your progress will help motivate you even more.
  • Write all progress on a piece of paper to check what has been improved over the course of the week. This will encourage you to keep going.


  • Having fun while exercising is essential to ensure motivation.
  • If people get bored or take it as a punishment, they will soon throw in the towel and stop practicing it.
  • It is recommended to change the mindset keeping in mind that sports will help take care of your health and get fit.

You have a positive language

Keep your focus

  • Focus plays an essential role when it comes to motivating yourself to exercise.
  • While exercising, you have to forget about your worries and what you have to do when you leave the gym.
  • It is recommended to focus only on what is being done. This will make it easier to finish the training and you will perform more.