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Fines issued by Ron DeSantis for Florida companies that hire undocumented immigrants

Fines issued by Ron DeSantis for Florida companies that hire undocumented immigrants

tendency to Governor Ron DeSantis Drafting a new immigration law currently being considered by the Florida Senate contemplates different requirements for private companies. Check the documents of the workers they employ through an organization is connected with Department of Homeland Security database. If they do not comply with this condition, they will be fined $10,000, criminal charges and ceasing operations.

“In Florida, like most states, you have to be eligible, legally here and working,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said last February. The bill is known as SB 1718. If the state senate votes yes, The current rule for the public sector will be extended to all companies in the Sunshine State.

Every employer must check the qualifications of the workers they wish to hireArlington Research / Unsplash

So, business owners A digital platform called E-Verify should be used to verify documents and confirm eligibility According to United States Social Security and Homeland Security official records of job applicants.

If you get the green light, the new law establishes that If an employer does not comply with the mandatory verification of its workers’ documents, it can be fined US$5,000. In the first instance. The more offenses you commit in 24 months, the higher the penalty US$10,000 for each migrant His hiring was illegal, according to a document still under discussion in the state Senate.

If employers repeatedly violate the new orders, They will face a second-degree felony charge and lose their operating licenses. Employers must keep workers’ documents and copies Form I-9 For a period of five years from the date of registration with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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“We are very concerned about E-Verify because We know that workers are needed in important industries such as tourism and agriculture And there aren’t enough Americans willing to take those positions,” Samuel Vilches Santiago of the American Business Immigration Coalition told local media.

Governor DeSantis wants to ensure all foreigners can prove legal status to work in FloridaLuis Villasmill / Unsplash

One of the priorities of DeSantis’ second term as Florida governor is trying to curb the flow of illegal immigrants into the state. For this, Seeks to repeal state laws protecting undocumented immigrants By introducing a new bill.

In his proposals, he would make it a crime to transport, harbor or harbor illegal immigrants in Florida. Imprisonment up to five years and fine of US$5,000.

The Republican Party’s efforts to tackle the migration crisis have created concern among various sectors of society, such as human rights activists, trade union organizations and religious representatives. however, The initiative is expected to be approved in the coming weeks by the State Legislature.