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NGO condemns the disappearance of Cuban activist Jr. Garcia

NGO condemns the disappearance of Cuban activist Jr. Garcia

(CNN Español) – Archipiélago, an organization promoting Citizens’ Day for change in Cuba, has condemned the disappearance of one of its members, Junior García, since November 14.

Archibalgo said in a statement on its Facebook page that Garcia would last communicate with his team at 6pm on Sunday.

Archipelago’s spokeswoman Magdiel Jorge Castro told CNN that they last spoke to Garcia at 6pm on Sunday and have not been in contact with him since.

According to Castro, a member of the committee went to his home on Tuesday and tried to determine his condition, but after knocking on his door for more than an hour, no one opened or responded. The organization reported similar information On your Facebook page, Where they added a statement to the Cuban government guaranteeing the life of Junior Garcia.

The government has not released details of those arrested, despite calls for a protest on Monday in the island.

that day, Cuban police arrested 11 people, while government agencies and sympathizers “besieged” another 50. CubaNex, a human rights organization based in Havana, confirmed to CNN inside their homes that prevented planned protests.

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