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Extract cash today in Havana

Extract cash today in Havana

In light of the cash shortage scenario in Cuba, the Metropolitan Bank of Havana is offering an exclusive service to its customers on Sunday, April 21.

With the aim of facilitating the provision of cash for customers and the general population, Banco Metropolitano will offer an exclusive cash service on April 21, communicating through their official social networks.

according to Information The service will be available in all branches during working hours from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Banco Metropolitano recommends to its customers to use, as an alternative, online payment for goods and services using QR codes, for cash withdrawal, and the EXTRA Cash service in markets, warehouses and other governmental and non-governmental institutions where implemented; As well as in the commercial offices of CADECA.

Likewise, to clarify doubts and concerns, they suggest visiting their corporate profiles on social networks, contacting Telebanca by phone or writing via email. [email protected]

It is also possible to obtain information through the Telebanca Call Centre, via telephone numbers 7868-3535 and 7866-0606.

Metropolitan Bank cash withdrawal branches

  • Branch 240, Avenue 296 between 3A and 298, Santa Fe, Playa.
  • Branch 242, 42nd Street, between 27 and 29 Playa.
  • Branch 247, Avenue 23, corner of Montero Sanchez, Plaza de la Revolución.
  • Branch 251, Avenue 23, Corner J, Plaza de la Revolución.
  • Branch 258, Corner Galiano San Jose, Centro Havana.
  • Branch 270, Marte between Aranguren and 27 de Novembre, Regla.
  • Branch 274, Shopping Center 3, District 6, Alamar, Eastern Havana.
  • Branch 275, Fifth Avenue between 470 and 472, Guanabo, East Havana.
  • Branch 278, 12-storey building, District 1, Alamar, East Havana.
  • Branch 280, Marti Corner, Versales, Guanabaco.
  • Branch 288, Calzada de Guanabaco between Balear and C, San Miguel del Padron.
  • Branch 297, Maya Rodriguez, Monaco Shopping Centre, Diez de October.
  • Branch 300, Diez de October and La Crete, Diez de October.
  • Branch 304, Calzada del Cerro and Arzobispo, Cerro.
  • Branch 308, Obispo between Cuba and Aguiar, Old Havana.
  • Branch 309, Monserrate Corner in San Jose, Old Havana.
  • Branch 313, 49 corner 120, Marianao.
  • Branch 314, Avenida 51 between 110 and 112, Marianao.
  • Branch 315, Avenida 51 between 212 and 214, La Lisa.
  • Branch 323, 13 between 2 and 4, Santiago de Las Vegas, Boyeros.
  • Branch 326, Istiklal Street, Corner 100, Al-Tahabana, Boyeros.
  • Branch 333, Diez de October, Bellavista corner, Arroyo Naranjo.
  • Branch 334, Calzada de Managua between Alegria and Sangheli, La Lira, Arroyo Naranjo.
  • Branch 336, Avenida 101 between 22 and 24, Centro Cotoro, Cotoro.