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“Exosomes will revolutionize medicine”

the Exolive Clinic De Barcelona organized a conference to explain the innovative regenerative medicine treatment he uses to his patients. Instead of using stem cells to regenerate tissue, they use exosomes, which are vesicles that all cells of the body have and contain information from the original cell.

Dr. Maritza Quintero poses with Dr. Xavier Tintori.

Juan Carlos Morant

The famous rheumatologist Maritza Quintero He was responsible for directing the talk and conveying an exciting message for the future to all present. “If regenerative medicine is used for prevention, sports stars will gain a lot. Regenerative medicine gives a range of possibilities to a healthy individual, to those who want to do prevention in the coming years and is a great field for treating various diseases,” explains the Venezuelan. “Very soon we will see that it will be a revolution. The use of exosomes before and after represents a revolution in the golden age of medicine. I am convinced that paradigms will change.”

Dr. Maritza Quintero during her presentation.

Juan Carlos Morant

The doctor insists that today’s patients want greater precision and are constantly striving to improve their quality of life. She, in particular, is “fascinated” by arthritis “because it is a joint disease that is so prevalent, wreaks so much havoc on health, and so few people care about it.”

Dr.. Xavier Tintoré with Dr. Maritza Quintero, Julie Urrea, Ricardo Aparicio, Maria Jose Ribas, Josep Verges and Julie

Juan Carlos Morant

“The weak side of pharmacological medicine is that it does not take into account the patient’s global view, which includes knowing how the patient eats, if they are overweight, or whether they have enough education to have a quality of life,” he says. Hit play and don’t miss the full interview.

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