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ETECSA February promotion with a 'gift' of 100GB

ETECSA February promotion with a 'gift' of 100GB

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the only company of its kind in the country, continues to promote its modem offer this February, which includes a “gift” of 100 GB. How can I get it?

This new ETECSA promo lets you buy a modem with a uSIM data card from abroad for $120. This offer includes 100 GB free to use within 3 months on any mobile network (2G/3G/4G).

The modem can connect several devices at the same time and is not interrupted by calls. If data runs out, additional plans of 10, 50 or 100 GB can be purchased, which are added to the initial plan and extend its duration.

The offer will be valid until February 29 and the beneficiary must collect the modem from the commercial office chosen by the customer from abroad.

The modem has a 3-month warranty, and if it breaks, you should contact the CAT Data Center (800 4 3434 option 1) to have a technician check it and replace it, if possible. This is an opportunity to enjoy the Internet at home using an ETECSA uSIM modem and data card.

ETECSA gift in this offer

From ETECSA they explain about the “gift” of this offer, if I buy this offer and do not consume 100GB of data in the estimated time, will I lose it?

You have 3 months to consume data resources. After this time, to keep the validity active, you must make purchases associated with this offer, which will add the resources you own and extend its validity. They explain.

If you are selected as a beneficiary of this promotion, you must follow the following steps, according to ETECSA. Communicate with the customer who purchased the offer from abroad and verify the secret order code.

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Go to the commercial office chosen by the customer when making the purchase. You can see the list of available commercial offices below. Present your ID and secret order code at the business desk to receive your promotion.

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