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Ernesto Alonso was "PROSTITUTE" to give Maria Felix socks: video

Ernesto Alonso was “PROSTITUTE” to give Maria Felix socks: video

One of the most endearing friendships in show business was undoubtedly a friendship welcome Alonso And Maria Felix, who for years shared unforgettable moments together on and off stage, and later spoke on various television spaces.

Veronica Castro, who in addition to being an actress was also a broadcaster, I had the pleasure of learning some anecdotes and sharing them with her audience. It was during an interview with the theatrical couple when they revealed to him that the director, TV and film producer had been forced into prostitution to give her “La Doña” socks.

Leave this mother Christian CastroWell, that kind of thing doesn’t get released instantly and even less so in front of millions of people. It all started when Sonora, who is her native, remembered that she didn’t have the money, and she resorted to some tricks to make her socks last.

He explained, “One day he saw me pull the threads of my socks into a cup so they wouldn’t look bad, so they wouldn’t appear broken. Then he brought me up for a waiver.” Maria Felix.

It should be noted that without Ernesto Alonso He admitted that he had no money at the time, which was why he had to resort to “prostitution himself” to be able to give him several silk stockings, scarves and some other gifts in exchange for love for a woman from the United States. .

“I prostituted myself. An American was sending them to me from the United States,” was the only thing the heroine of “Impossible Motherhood,” “Woman on the Street,” and “The Abyss of Passion,” said with a mischievous smile: they all understood.

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Maria Felix offers one of her many teachings

Maria Felix He was distinguished inside and outside the cinema by his strong personality and refined taste. When he appeared on these types of programs, he was always providing an education for “Mexicans” whom he loved very much. However, she has known how to be ruthless in the face of injustice and what she considers vulgar.

In the interview with Ernesto Alonso, before telling the tale, he knew how to approach the question of fleeting relationships and those that really matter well, as well as the benefits that each person leaves behind. After making sure she didn’t have the money, she stated that she didn’t want it to be her “bad luck”:

He explained, “For me it is bad luck because going with people I don’t want is bad. Because going three times a day with someone I like is an honor.” Maria Felix. This immediately caused laughter from the audience and from Veronica Castro herself. But Don Ernesto Alonso claimed because he forced him to earn things in a bad way thanks to his “relationship” with the American.

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