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Entrepreneurs assert that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity in five to ten years – Metro Puerto Rico

Entrepreneurs assert that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity in five to ten years – Metro Puerto Rico

Fear of artificial intelligence AI and its futuristic power continue to captivate many figures in the technological world. now, A new survey has been conducted CEOs and businessmen in united states, It gives more basis for the truth.

According to a default event for Executive Leadership Institute, Hosted by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, 42% of CEOs interviewed believe that AI will destroy humanity within 5 to 10 years.

The survey was led by Sonnenfeld, a Yale professor and artificial intelligence expert, who spoke to CNN about the findings. “It’s very dark and disturbing,” Note Sonnenfeld.

119 CEOs surveyed, Including from Wal-Mart (Doug McMillion), Coca-Cola (James Quincy), xerox And Zoom inamong other companies.

on The possibility of destroying humanity By artificial intelligence:

  • 34% of CEOs said that AI could happen within ten years.
  • 8% He said it would happen in five years.
  • and 58% He considered that this would never happen and that they were “not concerned”.

according to sonnenfeld, There are five types of business leaders interested in AI: curious creators or naïve believers. Cheerful true believers, trade speculators, Terrified activists and advocates of global governance.

These five groups talk to each other, with only concern About artificial intelligence, says Sonnenfeld.

The resistance against artificial intelligence, with figures like Elon Musk at the helm

a group of technological experts, Like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, They signed a letter requesting that investigations into the technology be halted for a few months.

Musk constantly talked about The end of civilization due to artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, many governments, including those of the European Union and the United States, are filing a case code of conduct For AI developers. According to Musk, China will organize it soon.

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Even Jeffrey Hinton, aka “The Godfather of Artificial Intelligence”, Quit Google and set off alarm bells about the rise of the technology.

Hinton told CNN last May:I’m just a scientist who suddenly realizes these things are getting smarter than us. I want to blow the whistle and say we should take a serious interest About how to prevent these things from taking over us“.

(If artificial intelligence becomes) smarter than us, She will be very good at handling.” Including “circumventing the restrictions we place on youHinton added.