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Elon Musk has opened another battle front and has Apple in his sights

Elon Musk has opened another battle front and has Apple in his sights

Elon Musk He stirred up controversy again for a message posted on his Twitter account, the social network he owns. This time it was a comment against the most successful company in the world, manzanawhich the South African demanded for his investment in advertising.

Since Musk took over Twitter, some advertisers have stopped investing in the site, claiming that the whirlwind surrounding the company and its owner makes them doubt its effectiveness. Advertising.

Along these lines, Musk posted a series of tweets to his account on Monday. The first of them says:Apple has almost stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate freedom of speech in America?He then wrote directly to the CEO of Cupertino: “What’s going on with Tim Cook?“.


After a while, Musk returned to the charge and quoted a tweet from an account @LBRYcom that during the pandemic, “Apple has required our apps to filter certain search terms so they don’t show results. If we don’t filter those terms, our apps won’t be enabled in the Apple Store. Apple might make good products.” , but she opposed freedom of speech for a long time.” Musk asked about this statement:Who else censored Apple?“.


Shortly after a survey was published under the question: “Should Apple publish all censorship measures affecting its customers?At the time of publication, the poll was in favor of “yes” over “no.”

As part of his anti-Apple rhetoric, Musk also cited a tweet by user @WBSChairman with an advertisement for the game. Fortnite It is a parody of a popular Apple commercial from the 1980s.

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After a while, Musk returned to the charge: “Apple also threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store, but it will not tell us any reason.” Immediately after, he uploaded another tweet, this time quoting the @WatcherGuru account, which claimed that “Apple takes 30% in taxes from app developers who earn more than $1 million in the App Store annually. The Apple App Store is equivalent to a 30% internet tax.” “. “Did you know that Apple charges a 30% tax on everything you buy through the App Store?”

More advertisers are opting out of Twitter amid the chaos the social network has been in since it was acquired by billionaire Elon Musk two weeks ago.

Omnicom – one of the largest advertising houses in the world representing brands such as McDonald’sAnd the manzana also PepsiCoOn Friday, it recommended that its customers suspend buying ads on Twitter, joining other competitors who have already done the same.

Resolution responds, according to omnicom, to a series of events in recent days that could have “serious ramifications for advertisers”, among which he cited the layoffs of Twitter’s security teams, the resignation of several senior executives and the proliferation of accounts using the launched payment verification system. By Musk to impersonate companies or personalities.

This was detailed by the company in an internal letter published today by several US media outlets, in which Omnicon concluded that the risks to its clients’ brands had increased on Twitter to “A level that most people would consider unacceptable“.

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Previously, other giants in the sector already They recommended to their customers to pause advertising on Twitter And many large companies have crippled their ads on the platform, particularly because of the uncertainty surrounding the deflection the social network could take due to Musk’s promises to prioritize free speech over content moderation.

Although the world’s richest man has tried to reassure advertisers and avoid imposing major moderation changes for now, the events of the past few days seem to continue to push advertising, his main source of income, away from Twitter.

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