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Eli hits 10 hours and Reds doubleheader in Pittsburgh

Eli hits 10 hours and Reds doubleheader in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh – Stewart Fairchild drove in the eighth and went ahead in the tenth, helping the Cincinnati Reds recover from a two-run deficit and win by a doubleheader against the Pittsburgh Pirates with a 6-5 victory on Sunday. a night.

In the first game of the day, Jared Triolo hit his first major league home run to lead off three runs in the seventh inning, and the Pirates beat the Reds 4-2. Cincinnati lost nine of 11 going into the night game.

Brian Reynolds hit two homers in Game 2, bringing his season total to 17. His one-run streak off Ian Gibbout moved the Buccaneers to a 5-3 lead in Game 7, giving him his fifth multi-running game, including two games of the year. Reynolds has eight home runs in his last 20 games.

Joey Votto doubled the eighth against Thomas Hatch and scored on Henry Ramos’ single. Fairchild pinch hit and doubled to tie the game against Jose Hernandez.

Auto runner Tyler Stephenson advanced to third on TJ Hopkins’ single with a lead in the tenth against Osvaldo Bido (2-3). Fairchild grounded Lever for Bejeiro, who threw to Triolo on second to force a groundout, but Fairchild beat the throw on first to break up the double play as Stevenson scored.

In game one, Alex Williams started the comeback with an RBI single in the fifth.

Lucas Sims walked Lever Peguero ahead of the seventh and Andy Rodriguez pulled off a one-run walk against Alex Young (4-1).

Angel Perdomo (3-2) scored the seventh goal. David Bednar let Will Benson score a triple in the ninth, but got his 24th save in 27 chances.

For the Reds, Dominican Eli de la Cruz 4-0.

For the Buccaneers, Dominican Lovre Peguero scored 2-0,

In the second game, the Reds defeated Puerto Rico’s Henry Ramos 3-3, scoring one goal. Dominican Eli de la Cruz is 5-2, with a run scored and an RBI.

For the Buccaneers, Dominican’s Andy Rodriguez is 4-2; to make Pejero 4-2, with one run scored and two RBIs.