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Eight years in prison and a fine of 705 million LBP for Jorge Paralaga Rivera

Eight years in prison and a fine of 705 million LBP for Jorge Paralaga Rivera

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

At the initial hearing, Jorge Alberto Paralaga Rivera, son of the former deputy police commissioner, Jorge Alberto Rivera Hernandez, was sentenced this Tuesday to eight and a half years in prison and a fine of 705 million lemperas, for money laundering.

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Paralaga Rivera, a fugitive since 2017, surrendered to Honduran authorities on April 22 this year. He pleaded guilty to the crimes in a summary procedure in the Tegucigalpa court.

Investigators accepted the charges against him and sentenced him to prison, in addition to a fine of 705 million lamper (705 million).

An individual, according to the Public Ministry, washed more than 900,000,000 lempira (900 million), out of about 1,100,000 (1,100 million) carried by the Barralaga clan, between 2006 and 2007.

Paralaga clan

Paralaga Rivera’s father served as deputy police commissioner. This, captured in Operation Perseus, in July 2017, led a criminal organization with a presence in construction and transportation companies.

Subsequently, dozens of movable and immovable property, including unexplained bank accounts, heavy machinery for construction companies, and trucks were seized from the consolidated nationwide heavy haulage company, the Barralaga Corporation.

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In this operation, in 2017, coordinated by elements of the Technical Investigation Agency (ATIC), Montse Paula Fraga, wife of Welter Blanco, a Honduran Capo who was sentenced to prison in the United States, was also arrested.

Paralaga family is linked to the Honduran drug trafficker through his wife. Fraga and Paralaga Hernandez were each sentenced to ten years in prison in March 2021, for money laundering, and fines of 27 and 114 million lempira, respectively.

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The Public Prosecution Office has led investigations against the criminal organization, which has launched three stages of Operation Perseus, since 2017, leaving 235 real estate, financial products and commercial companies.