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Does the money from his tour go into Aracely Arrambula’s pockets?

Luis Miguel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Photograph: Agustin Markarian/Reuters

Luis Miguel in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photograph: Agustin Markarian/Reuters

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 10 (EL UNIVERSAL). – Fame it Luis Miguel He has harvested it through his career, making him one of the most popular figures in show business, but not only for his songs and performances on stage, but also for his personal life despite the fact that he has tried to keep it as private as possible.

The 53-year-old singer married actress Araceli Arambola in 2006 and together they had two children, Miguel and Daniel, but after they separated in 2009, they were involved in legal actions to support their children by the interpreter of “No”. Unconditional”.

Now, attorney Guillermo Pous, who backed the Mexican when she implored them not to use her picture in Luis Miguel’s bio, explains why El sol could run into such legal trouble in November and December while she tours Mexico.

“I am no longer involved in these matters, and I do not know what stage it has reached, but there is a debtor and the debtor will present itself and generate economic resources, it is an opportunity,” Boss said in an interview. With EL UNIVERSAL.

The lawyer considers that “being in the country, if she or anyone else decided to intervene, it would be a stone’s throw away.”

Luis Miguel will return to Mexico

Since last August 3, the “Luis Miguel Tour 2023” has started, which includes at least 13 dates in Mexico. Bos confirmed that Araceli can legally require that a portion of the profits generated from these performances be kept to cover the pension debt that Mickey has accrued for at least the past three years.

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“Of any kind of income, it does not matter if it is from a concert, or gifts, or the rental of a car or a house; and what kind of income a debtor may have with food, it is one such income that a creditor can use to try to obtain resources for the benefit of injured party”, confirmed Guillermo Bose.

In addition, the lawyer highlighted the work that Aracely did during this time as a mother and was a witness to it, and she hopes to do justice in this matter soon.

“The truth is, Arambola is an impeccable woman, mother, businesswoman, and professional who has achieved that she has not caused anything to her children.”

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