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Pujols despacha de 5-4 con su jonrón 687 de su carrera

Directed by Carlos Santana and Ozona; Machado and Laureano are burning

Albert Pujols went 4-5 last night, including his 687th home career and eighth of the season, in the St. Louis Cardinals’ 9-5 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

The Dominican also added his ninth double of the season, scoring two and two RBIs. For the Rocky Mountains, Dominican Eleoris Monteiro 4-2.

Seattle 4 – Yankees 3
Carlos Santana
Cut the multiplication line with 0 versus 17 by hitting the luminous homer twice, and Seattle Mariners Scored three times in the 7th to beat The Persecutor 4-3 on Wednesday Yankee team in New York.

Aaron Judge hit his 45th home run this season. For the Yankees, Dominican Miguel Andujar 3-1. For Mariners, Santana 3-1.

Angels 5 – Athletics 4
Magnuris Sierra
He hit the RBI song in 10th and doubled in the greenlight streak in 12th as the Los Angeles Angels outlasted the three-game Oakland Athletics 5-4.

For the Angels, a 5-2 Sierra with two RBIs. In athletics, Dominican Laureano 4-3.

Cubs 4 – Citizens 2
Nico Horner
He shot at home and the Chicago Cubs beat the Washington Nationals 4-2.

For the Nationals, Dominican Nelson Cruz 1-1, Mikel Franco 4-1, Victor Robles 4-0. For the Cubs, Dominican Franmel Reyes 4-1.

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San Diego 13- Giants 7
Brandon Drury
Homer hit the green light, three runs in the sixth inning, and Austin Nola added Homer by two rounds while the San Diego Padres beat the San Francisco Giants 13-7.

For Padres, Dominican Mane Machado 5-3, including my husband and two RBIs. Juan Soto 5-2.

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Brewers 4 – 3 . beams
Naughty Tellez
He hit his home game in the ninth inning and Willie Adams He hit the RBI song in the same inning to engage the Tampa Bay Rays and give the Milwaukee Brewers a 4-3 win.

For Rays, Dominican Mejía scored 4-1 with one inning, Siri 3-0. For the Brewers, the Dominican Adames is 5-1 with the RBI.

Braves 8 – Boston 4
Dominican Marcel Ozuna Homer hit three runs when the Atlanta Braves beat the Boston Red Sox 8-4.

For Ozuna, this was his 20th home run with four RBIs. For Boston, Raphael Devers 3-1.

Phillies 4 – Marlins 3
Kyle Schwarber
RBI and JT Realmuto won an eighth-place RBI as the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Miami Marlins 4-3.

Sandy (10-5) gave up Phillies’ four runs while he was doing an eight by four in 7 and 2/3 innings to carry the backhand. Seranthony Dominguez was the ninth to stop. For the Marlins, Dominican Brian De La Cruz 4-0. Lowen Diaz 4-0. For Velez, Dominican Jean Segura 3-1.

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