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Goals, summaries, controversies and videos of the international friendly match in Texas

Goals, summaries, controversies and videos of the international friendly match in Texas


Chivas de Guadalajara tied Inter Milan 1-1 this Wednesday at Brownsville Sport Park in Texas in their first international game. Check out the goals and controversy videos and the full summary of this emotional women’s game.

© ShivasThe rojiblancas are looking for a victory in this historic game in Brownsville

The women’s version of Chivas de Guadalajara returned to play on Wednesday, August 10, when they drew 1-1 with their counterpart from Internazionale de Milan. At Brownsville Sport Park in that city, Texas, in the United States, a friendly match coincides with the international debut of Rojiblancas, so Rebaño Pasión offers you the most complete summary of this vibrant feminine commitment.

The flock of holy women began this historic international gathering with all its characters. Head coach Juan Pablo Alvaro, who was able to direct again after a penalty in Liga MX Femenil, put all his artillery in the starting line-up for this unprecedented duel with a European rival in the town of Brownsville. Robbie Soto (48 minutes) put Chivas in front, but Inter’s response came quickly through Gothia Karchouni, to settle the tie. In the unexpected penalty shootout, the Neroazuras They won 3-2 over the Rojiblancas.

The women’s team from Club Deportivo Guadalajara, after this historic match against the Italians, will return to Mexico and play. Their next match of the inaugural 2022 Liga MX Femenil League: Saturday, August 13, when they visit their counterpart from Atlas in Jalisco, in an exciting edition of Clásico Tapatío Femenil. In the meantime, Inter Milan will continue to qualify for the pre-season in the United States. Flock Passion brings you the video summary of this unreleased duel between Chivas Femenil against Inter Milan:

Rojiblanca arrived on the pitch in all their spirits (Chivas)

Chivas Feminel vs. Chivas Goals. Inter Milan + video + disagreements

Rojiblancas showed off their beautiful jersey as always (Chivas)
The formation arranged by Pato Alvaro in Brownsville (Chivas)


I started!

With all my Chivas

they can’t Licha

half time

Start the plugin

Ruby’s goal

In the video…

Inter draw

Many changes and for the first time

Historic end

It’s coming, they go to the penalty shootout!

“is over!”

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