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Diego Vazquez reacts dissatisfied to Motagua's draw

Diego Vazquez reacts dissatisfied to Motagua's draw


he Motagua Football Club He managed to save a 2-2 draw against Olancho dowry At the beginning of the tournament Closing 2024 It plays at the Chelato Ucles National Stadium.

The Blue Team did not have their star forwards and played with youngster Aaron Barrios at first. El Ciclón had a memorable first half, as they lost at halftime by two goals.

Motagua came back from behind and avoided defeat against Olancho FC at the conclusion of the first round of the National League

They even had a chance to score before going to the dressing room, but Carlos Melendez missed the penalty. Coach Diego Vazquez did not like what he saw in the first 45 minutes, and he expressed this in a press conference.

“It was a complicated match. It might have been difficult for Aaron (Barrios) in the first half, but we missed the penalty and we could have gone with the opponent to start the match with more encouragement.” “It was difficult for us, after coming back from 2-0, and in the end we played twice to win the match,” the Argentine strategist said after the home draw.

He added: “Since the first half, I have not saved practically anything. I didn't like that at all. I didn't like the way we handled the ball, how we were standing, and we missed the penalty, and I don't know why Carlos (Melendez) rushed when he had all the time to hit him, although anyone can miss a penalty. Penalty kick, the way he behaved seemed strange to me, he rushed the kick, although the goalkeeper also has an advantage. In the second half we improved a lot and were not able to win it.”

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In this match, Motagua started foreign signings for the first time, Panamanian Jorge Serrano and Argentine Rodrigo “Droopy” Gomez. “I saw them well because it was the first game they played. They have just arrived and have to go through an adaptation process to improve and see their best version.

National League Standings: Three-way tie at the top after the first day of the 2024 Final League

The Blues coach does not go home happy, but there are things he highlights, such as the courage to get the point despite the negative result.

“Motagua always demands that you win. I don't leave quietly, even though it wasn't easy to draw because of the way the match went. Maybe that makes me smile a little, but I don't leave satisfied because I'm home.” “We have to be strong and win,” concluded Diego Vazquez.