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DEA and IRS: Jewelers ‘laundered’ 3 million in New York’s diamond district

DEA and IRS: Jewelers ‘laundered’ $673 million in New York’s diamond district

Federal agents have charged four jewelers from New Jersey and one from Long Island, New York, of laundering $673 million through illicit operations over the past four years. New Jersey U.S. Attorney Philip R. Selinger announced.

The suspects are Jewelry in Manhattan’s famous “Diamond District”.. They have been identified as Raj Vaidya (26 years old), Rakesh Vaidya (51 years old), Shri Vaidya (23 years old), and Neil Patel (26 years old), all residents of Edison (New Jersey); and Yusef Jenfar, also known as “Joe Rodeo,” 57, of Great Neck, New York.

The four arrested in New Jersey ran a string of alleged killings Diamond, gold and jewelry companies Including Arya Diamond Jewelery USA Inc., doing business as “Karats & Carats,” Manhattan District Attorney Selinger said.

Other operations identified in court documents as Diamspark LGD LLC, Royal Diamonds LLC, Raj Gold and Diamond LLC, Royal Arya Jewelery Inc, and Raj Gold and Diamond Inc. Janvar also allegedly ran the Rodeo of NY, under the name “Sarah Jewels.” Among other alleged interfaces Daily Voice.

The defendants used operations K A front for laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal customer financial transactions – including converting cash into checks or bank transfers – in exchange for large commission fees, Selinger denounced.

The Public Prosecutor did not identify the clients, although he indicated this The DEA and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) collaborated with the IRS to bring the case.

“None of their companies are registered as money transfer companies in New York, New Jersey The US Attorney or Financial Crimes Enforcement Network added.

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All charges are merely accusations and defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.