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Date and time of the comet's fall

Date and time of the comet's fall

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

a paper airplane Call “Satan” It is about to pass by our planet in 2024, an event that is already starting to attract the attention of experts and Earth lovers Astronomical events.

Roberto Schöngarth Carias, National Director of Scientific Research and Astronomy at Western International Schoolhe told LA PRENSA that this eccentric It will be visible to the naked eye due to its proximity Planet Earth.

“he SatanIt is a comet, which is a body that will be in space and consists of rock and ice and rotates in space Solar System“But when it gets close to the sun, it melts,” Karias said.

The expert explained that this comet is called “The Devil” because as it spreads, two types of shrubs will appear near the sun.

“Scientifically this paper airplane its name 12 F/Pons Brooks“, and its diameter is about 34 kilometers, and The cycle around the sun takes 71 years“, specific.

Karias also reported that this event will occur on April 21 and will pass near the Earth on June 2 at a distance of approximately 232 million kilometers and can be seen with binoculars.

“The Chinese actually observed this comet in 1385 and 1437, and also in 1884 AD.

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The astronomy expert pointed out that comet “Diablo” will pass again at the same distance as in this version until the year 2095.