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Daniel Hifif calls Aiselyn Derbez and Mauricio Uchmann cowards

Daniel Hifif calls Aiselyn Derbez and Mauricio Uchmann cowards

After a breakup Aiselin Derbez and Mauricio Uchmann There has been a lot of speculation about the reasons for their separation, with pictures of the two on social media showing that the love still exists between them.

It seems his followers aren’t the only ones seeing this, because he is Daniel Habib A famous lecturer in Leadership, Mind and Spirit told Eugenio Derbez’s daughter that She was cowardly.

In her latest podcast “Magic of Chaos,” the actress spoke with the spiritual teacher about their romantic relationships and was surprised by the words they said to her.

Aislyn Derbez She mentioned during the conversation with Daniel Habib that she Continues to love “father-in-law” (mauricio ochmann) And it likely will always be the case.

Today I love my daughter’s father, love him with all my heart and truly believe in it I will love him for the rest of my life. “And the The actress said.

He argued that the end of the relationship, without mentioning that she had a direct relationship, ends with a decision by both parties and not necessarily due to a lack of love.

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According to his words, the lecturer responded frankly: “Cowards only leave what they love.”, He said.

The actress of “La casa de las flores” responded: “In this shift between the two, giving up on going and seeing where we are going, it has transformed and I don’t think there was no love, because Love was amazing and still is Love is so strong and I doubt it will melt. ”, He pointed out.

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finally Daniel Habib It made him see that he might, later, be the children of life Aiselin Derbez and Mauricio Uchmann They could be reunited, which surprised the translator.