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Cubans seeking family reunification for US condemn CBP One application failures

Cubans seeking family reunification for US condemn CBP One application failures

Many Cubans applying for family reunification parole experience difficulties using the CBP ONE application to complete the process.

As journalist Daniel Benitez recently reported, CFRP applicants allege errors and omissions in the application, which prevent them from completing the process. These people are asking for an urgent solution to reunite with their families in the United States.

A key beneficiary of the Cuban Humanitarian Family Reunification Permit (CFRP), Daly Caballero, He pointed out On the aforementioned reporter’s YouTube channel, “The first week was amazing, but then it went downhill.”

“One of the pending cases before the closing of the United States Embassy in Havana, with an approved I-131, is awaiting an interview,” he explained.

In his case, he says they were invited from October 25 to participate in the modernization of the program. “This is the answer to our cries. We started applying for I-134, all very quickly, within hours or days,” he said.

But, the problem came later. After completing the medical examination, the CBP One application returns an error, “even verifying that the data is correct,” he explained.

“We strongly urge you to check what could be causing this error, which only happens in family reunification parole. “What do we need to do to complete our processes?” He said in his message to the US government.

Family Reunification Program for Cuba

Last August, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced with great fanfare that it would modernize the family reunification program to “remove the burden of travel, time and travel and safely complete most of the process online at one site.” Facilitates access to documents and participation.

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However, proponents of the legal immigration process for the United States decry the difficulties in completing the process. In particular, problems appear According to CFRP four Modernized.

“The beneficiary submits the application in the CBP One mobile app. After confirming the biographical information in their USCIS online account, the beneficiary will receive instructions through their USCIS online account to access the CBP One mobile application. There, you will need to enter some biographical and biometric information – including a “live” photo – At CBP One.”

“There are many people including me. My daughter in Cuba has been trying CBP for a week and already had a medical exam and it failed. What is this about?”; “I’m in that situation too,” confirmed other victims.