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Cubans have to pay exorbitant prices for a trip to Viñales

Cubans have to pay exorbitant prices for a trip to Viñales

Cuban Randol Luis Duval wants “God help him” Because it is difficult for him to adapt to the current economic situation on the island, Mr. Duval thought of surprising his loved ones and left his home. Randol Lewis thought of managing a reservation at a resort on the island and sharing it with his family. The initiative he took was a stroll through Viñales in the province of Pinar del Rio to disconnect from the routine of life.

The man came home very disappointed, after going to the Kopator facility. Randol had been in Viñales the year before and was upset when he noticed the rates weren’t the same.

Prices continue to rise

Right now, today’s prices in an entertainment venue are exorbitant. The amount for adults is 8,400.00 CUP and children under 12 years old pay 6,300.00 CUP.

For Randol Lewis, the trip cost a total of 31,500.00 CUP, because his family consisted of three adults and one minor. The Cuban came to the conclusion that to re-establish himself with his family, he must save his salary without spending it for more than 12 months.

Randol commented on the excessive value of the natural site of the nation he inhabits. He also said that most people in the Caribbean archipelago do not have enough money to pay for these places.

Young Randol believes that in order to fund a national touring trip, he has to work abroad for a while.

The father of this family has not told his children what happened and does not know how high the prices could go. Randol posted his upset on his Facebook account and many netizens shared similar experiences.

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