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Cubans explode with prices on Carlos III: 'This country is disgusting, no one gets paid dollars, no MLC'

Cubans explode with prices on Carlos III: ‘This country is disgusting, no one gets paid dollars, no MLC’

the Carlos III shopping center in Havana Advertise almost daily Products you sell in freely convertible currency (MLC) on your page Facebook social networking site. but nevertheless, Many Cubans have exploded with prices because they don’t ship with dollars.

“Very nice and good? We don’t get paid, scamCarlos Diego said in a post with products for the home like pitchers at 4.52 MLC; and boards at 1.88, 2.40 or 5.76 MLC each. from his side , A set of chains of chains costs 46.92 or 49.48 MLC.

“I regret to announce that The city does not have MLC. Sell ​​these things in the national currency please,” Daily Acosta said.

the Crocs costs 7.20 MLC In Charles III. The obverse outputs in 4.72, 6.16 or 10.04, depending on the other publishing.

“It’s not easy, Damn we don’t have MLCOr buy it from distributors who can afford it. Really, said Maryam Abreu, how sad this reality is. Yedira Valera added: “We are not ready for this crisis, We have to go back to the time when we used to walk around with little nails and little pins in our slippers To make it last a little longer.”

the A pack of diapers costs 10, 20 or 10.60 ml. “Unused shop. Lots of stuff they used to sell there, like clothes and baskets for kids. Now with a factory like TBKIDS, hardly anyone pays $10 in culeros,” He said Yenisei Medina.

At Carlos III they sell another series of products, among them Electric bikes for 1,065, scooters for 495, paint cans for 24.97 MLC, as specified Official Page.

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“Some lack of respect is what they are, there are so many protocols for selling a disgusting pair of shoes or boots that only Cubans would wear them. This country is disgusting, Nobody gets bucks nor MLC And how easy it is to talk and announce what is in the shops of the rich. It must be a pity that they are dummies in this country. “And now they’re going to say no one is to blame,” said Annie Aguilera.