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Militares instalarán torres de vigilancia para atacar delitos

The army will set up watchtowers to attack crimes

Combined Task Force Ciudad Tranquila (FTC Ciutran) reported that several units are manned by military personnel They will be strategically placed to alert mixed patrols Before the anti-social news.

modern technology towers Preventive monitoring will be allowedin addition to recording with high accuracy, and keeping a record of accidents and criminal acts.

Ciutran is defined as a military body under the Ministry of Defense with a mission to maintain the safety and peace of citizens, which establishes and operates technology towers to monitor and support the National Police in the fight against common crime and criminality.

In a press release, Ciutran stated that this is part of the government’s provision of the military and police to conduct mixed patrols in order to obtain Greater response to crimes, thefts, burglaries and other crimes that affect citizenship.

The periodical organized by the executive branch It consists of the members of the Army of the Dominican Republic, the Navy of the Dominican Republic, the Air Force of the Dominican Republic, the National Police, and the members of the Seotrane.

A week ago, the National Police and the Armed Forces Joint operations started “My safe” in order to fight crime.

Joining the police force are more than a thousand soldiers from the armed forces, distributed in the major districts of Santo Domingo and the provinces within the country, where criminal acts occur at any time of the day or night.

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