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Cuban customs reports increased collections after new tariffs were implemented

Cuban customs reports increased collections after new tariffs were implemented

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba reported an “increase in collections” two days after the implementation of new prices for the production technical services it provides.

Let us remember that on November 19, new regulations issued by the Ministry of Finance and Prices (MFP), relating to Cuban customs, entered into force. In this article we tell you everything that is known about it.

Specifically, Resolution No. 232 of 2023 on the Multilateral Plan, published in the Official Gazette of Cuba, stipulates: Prices are in Cuban pesos To collect technical and production services provided by customs from natural and legal persons.

These services include, for example, non-commercial import and export operations, vehicle inspection or property clearance.

In this regard, the same standard specifies that the non-commercial dispatch service for natural persons includes “the dispatch of accompanied and unaccompanied baggage of shipments sent by any means.”

It also includes “household goods, privileges, etc., to which a service fee is applied, equivalent to the amount of the customs value at the time of the transaction.”

Cuban Customs explains that “duty exemption does not exempt you from paying non-commercial clearance fees.”

New customs rates in Cuba

The new prices imposed by Cuban customs have raised a lot of doubts among Cubans shipping goods to the island. Reader for Cuban guide Send a capture of the response provided by the entity on this topic.

“Can you explain to me how these measures that come into force for baggage or household goods affect me. What has changed?” was the question he asked.

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They replied from Cuban Customs: “This changes before determining the payment for services, both for the luggage, which was worth 10.00 pesos, and which used to increase, depending on the importation made by the person. As with the letter from home, the service provided is paid.”

In fact, after applying these rates, they realized that there was an “increase in service collection.”

Under the decision, for non-commercial clearance of natural persons, an amount was determined for each non-commercial import and export operation, corresponding to the customs value at the time of its implementation:

  • Up to 200.00 = 50.00
  • Greater than 200.00 up to 500.00 = 100.00
  • Greater than 500.00 up to 1000.00 = 200.00
  • Greater than 1,000.00 up to 3,000.00 = 300.00
  • Greater than 3,000.00 up to 5,000.00 = 400.00
  • Greater than 5,000.00 up to 10,000.00 = 500.00
  • Greater than 10,000.00 = 800.00