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Cruz Azul fans went to complain to those responsible for VARMediotiotiempo

Cruz Azul fans went to complain to those responsible for VARMediotiotiempo

The Disturbance It was not only in spit From football players s Cruz Azul coaching staffBecause of the judge’s actions Fernando Hernandez During Sunday’s match against Toluca.

which is that a amateur coupleas happened with machine technicianAnd the Diego AguirreWho was he Fired by Claim and enter the VAR screen areascolded by performing Video judgingBecause from his point of view it was a heavenly image injured your decisions.

This was like anger subordinate cement fanswho came to Truck Where is my manager Replay of matches at the Azteca Stadiumin this case, on the scene next to Enter the rebels from the property.

Noticeably upset, those who assumed the father and his sonor less Relativesthey came his anger Before the questions of W Sports reporter, Chato Ibarrarán, who would have had Feedback both.

“The damned arbitration in this country is nonsense.”He said younger so far UpsetReferring to Penalty That whistle punished for making a mistake Goalkeeper Sebastian Juradowho took up Red cardabout him Demon DefenderAnd the Oscar Harriet Ortega.

They indicate another procedure …

The Biggest fan From La Noria teamIn time, mentioned about the play that The scarlet goalkeeperThe Brazilian Thiago Volpejust was to caution when put His hand is on the ball outside his area.

Yes, I am angryBecause that’s the only way Toluca wins. Volpi should have been fired In the first play when he went out (outside the penalty area) and grabbed the ball with his hands. they are not loafers, They know how to do their job‘, he confirmed.

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In the video, there was no appreciation for someone coming out Complaints Service; blue cross lost at home 23 before these State of Mexico.