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Not only did Motagua with ten men, he also came back and hit the marathon

Not only did Motagua with ten men, he also came back and hit the marathon


The Motagua football club On Sunday he showed why he is the soccer champion of Honduras. The Blues, with 10 men for 60 minutes, came from behind and crushed 4-1 marathon For the fourth day of 2022, the opening of the National League.

Apertura 2022 National League Site Schedule

The Eagles flew in front of their fans and had a nice sporting party against a team from San Pedro de San Pedro who had them fool themselves again in the capital.

Thanks to the victory, those he led Hernan City They add 8 points and are already second in the standings, behind the leader Olympia which has 12 points.

Instead of that marathon He added his second defeat in a row and is still in debt to the classics. These are from Manuel Cousian And they went down to fifth place with 6 points.

Barely two minutes later, central Carlos Melendez It can’t be scanned in a small area, but Jonathan Roger He was vigilant on his return to the monarchy and was able to maintain the tour. It was a warning to the defender on a bad afternoon.

In 15 minutes came the controversy of the meeting. Clavin Zuniga get over it Melendez And a foul by the defender outside the area but the central referee Oscar Moncada He imposed a penalty and decided to expel the defender.

This is how the fifth day of Apertura will take place: Real España visits the capital

Argentine striker Luke Bell Take advantage of the gift and score the maximum penalty kick with total deception Roger In the 17th minute.

Sampdranos had everything to win since they got on the scoreboard and with another guy, but it was the other way around and they ended up making themselves an idiot.

Eddie Hernandez and Diego Rodriguez celebrated the striker's slender goal when the match ended.  (photo by David Romero)

However, despite their numerical inferiority, the Blues succeeded and by a wide range showed why they are the current champions of the National League.

It’s been 43 minutes in the middle Brian Molina s Alan Vargas They played badly Evan Lopez He started from the middle of the field to enter the area and with a left-footed shot sent the ball into the back of the net.

A feast in the second part

Much Hernan City s Manuel Cousian Move the board at the start of the second half: The Blues gave entry to Eddie Hernandez instead of Robert Moreira and green Odin Ramos by Isaac’s castle.

Only at the beginning of the sequel did the locals turn the score and go through criminal channels. clear hand Damien Ramirez s Diego Rodriguez In the 47th minute, he changed it to a goal.

It seems that marathon He was the one with less man and motagua Again. The ones he drives The city of Tutawho today played in their gray uniforms, transformed it in a massive way.

Eddie Hernandez scored fourth in Motagua's win over the Greens.  (photo by David Romero)

in 66 minutes, Alan Vargas In his own net he scored after a cross from Marcelo Santos Whoever did what he wanted in the right.

Shadow of the eagles dancing on the purslane and Eddie Hernandezwhen the 90th minute played, he was responsible for holding the final 4-1.

Amazing victory for motagua Which gives him great confidence to face his match in the CONCACAF League on Wednesday cibao football club from the Dominican Republic.

data sheet

Motagua: Jonathan Roger Denel Maldonado, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Santos, Wesley Decas; Hector Castellanos (Walter Martinez), Juan Angel Delgado (Juan Delgado), Jonathan Nunez, Diego Rodriguez (Jesse Moncada); Evan Lopez and Roberto Moreira (Eddie Hernandez)

marathon: Rafa Garcia Felix Crisanto, Alans Vargas, Brian Molina, Javier Arriaga (Jose Aguilera); Sergio Peña, Isaac Castillo, Damien Ramirez, Juan Vieira (César Guillen); Clavin Ziga (Denilson Nunez) and Lucas Campana (Byron Rodriguez).

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