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Cruz Azul adds new reinforcements…now it’s going to be official?

Cruz Azul adds new reinforcements…now it’s going to be official?

So far, routing Builds Team recordings are not judged against End of 2023

© Imago 7Cruz Azul Femenil begins his participation in the Clausura 2023 next Saturday

last friday Cruz Azul Femenil has finished preparing it – after playing his last friendly match against Pumas – in the face of End of 2023Why Machine start the Next Saturday, January 7thwhen he receives America in La Noria.

And although the physical and football preparations are on the right track, Cruz Azul Femenil is still looking to strengthen his team. On this topic, at the last moment it turned out that picture the sky is blue will close the employment Player (new?) Heading into next season out Women’s MX League.

“Norma Palafox could be Cruz Azul Femenil’s first promotion at Clausura 2023. She’s been on trial with La Máquina”said Gerardo Fabian Reyes, correspondent for W sport cover source blue cross.

Now will the reinforcements become official?

It should be noted that two weeks ago there was speculation about Norma Palafox arrives in Cruz Azul. However, the arrival of the 24-year-old Mexican footballer who said goodbye to Atlas last November (her last club in Women’s MX League) has not been made official by the entity Builds.

In this thread mention that the reporter refers to it Norma Palafox will be Cruz Azul Femenil’s first promotion. And this is according to the directives of Chivas, Hilary Garcia will be a player Machinewhich at that time meant the first reinforcement of the entity Builds.

Plus, we have to remember that at some point, too I make sure that Leslie Ramirezcoming from Chivas, I will be a Cruz Azul playerBeside Karen Gonzalezwho after confirming his departure from FC Juarez was shaping up to be a reinforcement to the club Cruzolino heading to next season.

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However, after a few days of Beginning of Clausura 2023 guidance Builds No official ruling has been made regarding the team’s dismissal. exactly the contrary, If confirmed, five players lose.

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