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Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusion from the Qatar 2022 World Cup: The World Cup's last breath for an "insect" |  Morocco vs.  Portugal |  world cup |  RMMD DTCC |  Globalism

Cristiano Ronaldo’s exclusion from the Qatar 2022 World Cup: The World Cup’s last breath for an “insect” | Morocco vs. Portugal | world cup | RMMD DTCC | Globalism

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Cristiano Ronaldo He will never forget 2022, the year he scored the fewest times in his entire career. The season in which he spent most of the time on the substitute bench. The period when the protagonist is less. And that’s a lot for Earth Two after that Which caused the largest number of searches and searches over the past 15 years.

Puno did not give any sajiro to the Portuguese.


Every time someone says that Ronaldo He is the best striker in history. There is always a South American who asks: Which Ronaldo? “Care” or “error”? A question that very few would suspect hides a background: the disparagement of the Portuguese and his eight-hundred-plus goals. the reasons? They are almost not just football. It’s not that Ronaldo’s Brazilian imagination is incomparable. This is rather the Portuguese Ronaldo was losing the magic when he became a scorer. Good. In Libra, they always go in to chop their positions. The character he can’t stop being, but also the one that the press has built for him, unlike Messi.

In the 50th minute, at the dawn of the second half, Fernando Suarez, the second coach he had engaged with for not accepting the passing of the years, urgently sent him onto the field. Georgina Rodriguez, smiling from the podium, said her exact claim has now come into effect. His sweetheart, Cristiano, entered, and with him all the paparazzi who hadn’t photographed much of the alternative.

But up front was an unforgettable team: Morocco and its legions of warriors. Where that wall with the face of a TV series hero, to Ziyech and his tricks to keep the ball tied, passing through cleats, midfielders of the Gattusso and Kanté dynasty, and This latch from the right lane. But it was Al-Nasiri and a very trustworthy leap into the NBA that made it possible Morocco Get your hands on the Sports Fame Track. A leap reminiscent of Cristiano from just a few years ago. This is how time ticks.

Al-Nasiri celebrates another basketball jump with Hakimi.

Al-Nasiri celebrates another basketball jump with Hakimi.


Portugal He was the master of the second half. He camped in the Moorish area, but none of his flyers could find the lantern and get it working. Neither Bruno Fernandes nor Joao Felix nor Vitinha. More than attending, they tried from afar. But Bono and his hands were there to hinder his desires. Pepe, that other one who’s going to leave, had a header at the end, but it went too far; s Cristiano RonaldoA ball in the alley, he couldn’t give it enough force, perhaps the definitive sign that he wasn’t before.

(Image: Screenshot/DirecTV)

(Image: Screenshot/DirecTV)

tree leaves Christian, holding their faces, without exchanging shirts with anyone, without receiving hugs from their rivals or from colleagues who could hardly deal with their tragedies. He goes to the locker room to cry softly. Let’s give him that truce. A little peace in the worst year of his life.

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