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Who are the options for exempting Ricardo Pelaez?

Who are the options for exempting Ricardo Pelaez?

The guiding chivas Do not waste time and go already in Search From successor Ricardo Pelayes In sports management, so there have already been talks with some of the candidates and in the final list there Four options: Alvaro Davila, Luis Miguel Salvador, Guillermo Canto and Dulio Davino.

Amauri Vergara Together with the board of directors of the Omnilife-Chivas Group, they began negotiations. Conversations are already starting to emerge Davila, Kanto and Salvador; In the next few hours will happen with DavidBecause they don’t want to waste time.

The decision will be made and notified by the Chivas Board of Directors, made up of Amaury Vergara, her sisters Yelena Povaguina and Kenya Vergara Zatarain, as well as the owner’s brother-in-law, Alejandro Manzo and Diego Calderón Schulze.

Alvaro Davila s Dulio Davino It is they who have achieved the latest sporting successes. first did Blue Cross Champion In 2021, with excellent management on and off the field. Davino did a good job as Rayados Chief Sports OfficerThey have won 8 finals and won 5 titles: 2 Concacaf Champions League, 1 Liga MX and 2 Copa MX.

De Dávila loves to manage with Cruz Azul by bringing in high-quality Mexican items such as Carlos Rodriguezrecovered to Auriel Antonaamong other things.

Neither of them has a job.Well, Davila left the executive chair of La Maquina in February 2022 and Daviño left that a few days before in Riados.

with Louis Michael the Savior s William Canto There were also talks. The first is Director of Venados de Mérida In the expansion league and the second he left the FC Juárez project in 2021, but he made decisions even in mexican national team.

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Which option do you like the most in Chivas?

everybody Options like And it will be through conversations and analysis when he is chosen who will make the mathematical decisions in the sacred flock.

Tuesday only Ricardo Pelayes Leave this post in Guadalajara in a little more 2 years of management where You can’t do much. 5 rankings to Liga MX Repechage, of which only he reached the quarter-finals, and in another to the semi-finals, in 2020, which was his best tournament as a Guadalajara manager.