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Summary of the Athletic Club match against Chivas (2-0).  Objectives

Summary of the Athletic Club match against Chivas (2-0). Objectives

Mexico City /

Chivas He hit a wall in his friendly match against Athletic Bilbaowho had no difficulty in beating 2-0 To the famous Rojiblancos San Mamés CathedralStrong and convincing performance in front of his audience.

Contrary to what happened a few days ago GetafeThis time, the Herd couldn’t show clear goal runs, couldn’t take possession of the ball and ended up surrendering to an opponent who won by goals. Alex Berengauer s Oihan Sunset.

Local feature

Quantity berengauer He arrived in the first half after being enabled by the left wing and thus managed to enter the area to select B cross shot before the goalkeeper Miguel Jimenez (1-0); until, wacho It was one of the highlights Guadalajara.

The guard replied with a The husband savesOne of them with a frontal shot. Since then, the goalkeeper has responded on plays required of him and He can’t do much in the opponent’s goals.

Somewhat Basque

The secondly Both came in the sequel and it was a play in it Sunset Receiving it outside the area, controlling it, dribbling, and managing it into a stretch of the field Experiment who put it in post left From the visiting goalkeeper, who sprinted, but couldn’t do much Avoid the final 2-0.

artistic Veliko Paunovic He retested the different items that had little activity in Opening 2022 And that’s how it got started with people like Alan Mozzo on the side or Santiago Ormino In the foreground.

Of course, the most dangerous of the herd’s plays came thanks to the quarterback taking corners Christian “Chicot” CalderonBut without outright auctions.

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This was the match One way game for him Guernica tree cup And it was The first match For this Mexican team in San Mamiswhich left a bittersweet aftertaste on the rojiblanca tour Spain After the victory over Getafe.