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Compi Science in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to complete the story mission

Compi Science in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to complete the story mission

Combi Science It’s the twelfth story mission Marvel Spider-Man 2. On this page of our complete guide to Spider-Man 2 to PlayStation 5 We tell you How to complete the task And All you have to do.

How to start the Science Compi main quest in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

We start Science Compi if after finishing Master of illusion We go to the main quest marker in Greenwich with Peter. If we are driving Miles, we will have to open the TAYVSM app to change into Peter, or just approach the quest marker and interact with the game location to change into Peter. However, once we interact with… Closed sunroof To unlock it we will start the main story mission called Science Compi.

We enter through the hatch of this roof in Greenwich as Peter

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Science Compi

The Science Compi in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a “mission” from the main story of the game which only consists of going to the point marked on the map as Peter Parker to start the mission itself and Just watch the scene until it ends.

This story “mission” requires that we do absolutely nothing other than watch the cutscene.

This is exactly what we just told you: in this mission There is no playable part and all we do is watch the scene unfold. Film between Peter and Harry at the Emily May Foundation.

And when the scene ends We unlock Spider-Bots as a collectible item And Right in front of us we will have the first of them on the roof.

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