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Ciencias win an inconsequential match against Barcelona (54-17)

Ciencias win an inconsequential match against Barcelona (54-17)

In a match without overtaking and for rating Real Ciencias Enerside beat Barcelona in La Cartuja with a score of 54-17.

With both teams qualified for hem For the División de Honor title, which begins next Sunday, with crucial and very demanding matches, the two coaches decided to keep their forces and give minutes to young players with less accumulated competition. The Sevillian dominated the game at all times and from the start tipped the score in their favour. in the second minute Nacho Salazar It was trained after a touch multiplication that turned out Cormac fox. In the 14th minute, Manuel Flores hit Barcelona’s defensive kick in the middle of the field, establishing the local attacking play with a tear. Facundo Rotolowhat happened to Coco Roldan to train. Cormac Fox added two more points.

The match was played in the Catalan countryside and Coco Roldán’s opening at three-quarters found him outclassed by the winger Sergio Miller Signed a new brand. Ciencias got strong and Coco Roldán quickly made a penalty kick and after two stages in the five meter area he was Judy Allen Who forced his strength to get another Test was Cormac Fox, who hit another kick just before the break after a marker Juan Carrasco to put the 33-0 at halftime.

The second half follows the script of the first, and is dominated by locals. However, the ups and downs in the intensity of the match saw Barcelona have their chances and moments of dominance to sign their first trial through Pedro Rodriguez. Science responded through Judy Allen And later with a move in hand at the same Catalan 22 that had been intercepted before Inaki Mateo who just escaped under the sticks to form an oval. Still makes science another article thanks Sergio Milleralthough the difference in score would end up with Peña and Aira trials in the final stage of the showdown.

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“We got ahead of Barcelona in a game that even though neither team had anything at stake, we were interested in maintaining the competitive tension. We couldn’t keep the intensity up, it’s hard in this game, but we’re happy with want to start.” hemsaid the coach from Sevilla Manuel Mazo.