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Chaos on Mexico’s southern border as thousands of migrants arrive from Guatemala

Chaos on Mexico’s southern border as thousands of migrants arrive from Guatemala

Mexico’s southern border experienced a day of chaos this Monday as nearly 6,000 migrants arrived in Tapachula, mostly from Haiti, after some roadblocks were lifted in Guatemala last week, where a political crisis had hampered immigration. Boss. .

“At least 6,000 migrants have arrived this weekend, the city center and hotels are crowded, here in the eco-park we see about 5,000 migrants, many going to the northern border or looking for a place to stay,” he told the media. Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblos sin Fronteras.

Venezuela Henri González Guatemala The protests erupted in the country against Attorney General and Public Ministry head Consuelo Borras accused of trying to reverse the August 20 election results of progressive President Bernardo Arevalo.

Gonzalez said he saw thousands of people in Guatemala waiting to cross into Mexico.

“Mexico has treated us well, it can be said humanely, we have no problem with Mexicans. Thank you to the Mexicans who opened their doors to continue the journey of the American dream and reach America,” Gonz├ílez told EFE.

Amid waves of migration, a group of Haitians entered the temporary offices of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (COMAR) in the Tapachula Ecopark.

The events of the morning saw the sun oppress the Haitians and their desire to force their way in.

The National Guard tried to contain them with anti-riot equipment, but the migrants pushed past the metal fences that were used for security and ran inside.

Amidst the chaos, many foreigners jumped over fences and fought with Gomar and the National Guard.

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A few minutes before the incident, Dawson Agustin, who arrived with a group of comrades from Haiti, said that they expect an active solution from the Mexican government to alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

“What we want here is for them to treat us well and to organize the documents at this time, because a lot of people who woke up here in the sun have not yet served. My goal is to live and work wherever I want, because there is no work in my country, so that I can eat and have good security. Could be. Staying in Mexico is a good option,” the man said.

Daladier Anzueto, Comar’s regional coordinator, told EFE that there is a new strategy to process asylum seekers more effectively, after a meeting with the Secretariats of Refugees, Foreign Affairs and National Security.

This Monday alone, around 3,300 people have been recorded as coming to the Gomar offices in Dappachula seeking support. EFE