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Carol G wears a suit, impressing everyone with her perfect figure

Carol G wears a suit, impressing everyone with her perfect figure

Carol J A successful North American tour culminated in 30 shows, many of which were sold out. in your official account Instagram The red-haired singer shared a bunch of photos and videos along with a little summary of that amazing tour.

Together with multimedia materials Carol J He added a description that reads as follows: “Honestly, summing up everything I wanted to say in one comment is impossible…#$TreaPLoveTour is over. The energy I felt in each of the places I’ve been is huge, beautiful and so powerful. I can say that every one of the people living the experience Every night, they come out with a full heart, content, happy and motivated, including me! I’ve lived the past two months in the most intense and mindful way I’ve ever given…33 US-Canada shows, 33 SOLD OUTS shows and over half a million people having fun together as Never before, whole families, children, adults, old people, all dancing and enjoying life in the same place… the most beautiful crowd, the one who sings the most, the one who dances the most, the most screams, the most special… I loved the costumes, the flowers, And the little gifts, and the streamers, the times they wouldn’t let me sing because they yelled nice things at me, and the times they made me weep with love and cried with me. And the happiness that every one radiates in that place.”