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Carmen Villalobos: Farewell to Lucia Sanclemente from coffee with a woman's scent |  TV series |  Telemundo nnda nnlt |  from the side

Carmen Villalobos: Farewell to Lucia Sanclemente from coffee with a woman’s scent | TV series | Telemundo nnda nnlt | from the side

She is one of the most successful Colombian actresses in recent years, thanks to her undeniable talent. She gained worldwide fame when she played Catalina Santana in “Without Breasts There Is No Heaven”, but with Lucia Sanclemente, the re-produced antagonist of “Café con aroma de mujer”, she proved to be a versatile actress. Above all, because for the first time in her nearly 20-year career she played a villain.

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On Standing between Gaviota and Sebastián, Lucia Sandoval does everything in her power to keep them away, because she is madly in love with the hero even though she knows he can’t reciprocate. Before the premiere last May, Villalobos said that his character “She is a refined, elegant, determined, and seemingly self-confident woman. He can often be sweet, patient, and sensitive; but, like so many others, he will be manipulative, cunning, and obsessive”. So it was.

However, after the new success of Telemundo, Carmen Villalobos He had to say goodbye to his character. And nearly 8 months after giving life to Lucia Sanclemente, the Colombian actress called the first antagonist of her career.

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In “Café con aroma de mujer,” Lucia Sandoval stands between “Gaviota” and Sebastián, and does everything she can to keep them apart (Photo: Telemundo)

Carmen Villalobos bid farewell to “a cup of coffee with a woman’s perfume”

On July 9, the new version of . was recorded “Scented coffee for women”, Is also Carmen Villalobos He decided to use his Instagram account to say goodbye to the production, his personality, and the fans.

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“Final, no more. Goodbye Lucia. Thank you for these almost eight months of being on my skin.”The actress started writing. “Do you know what I reaffirmed with Lucia? If we do not value ourselves and do not love each other, we will end up choosing people who will not do that to us either. There is nothing sadder than losing your dignity to someone like that. That never is.”.

Another time, Villalobos thanked his teammates, starting with William Levy, the protagonist of the story. “I take your flavor and good vibes with me. Hopefully fate will continue to bring us together”He said about the perpetrator. “Thanks to these three great humans with whom my character had a very close relationship and with whom I made the last scene. I learned a lot from you and the best thing is that I hold you in my heart.”.

The Colombian actress also thanked the actors, directors, makeup and costumes in general, the entire production team, as well as RCN and Telemundo for bringing the story to television which allowed her to show another side of my career, his first opponent.

“Thanks to the audience, I adore you with all my heart and I’m expecting more from Lucia Sanclemente so far. I love them”Villalobos is finished.

How do you see “coffee with a woman’s aroma” online?

in Colombia, “Scented coffee for women” It is available online on RCN digital platforms, while, for the American audience, on Telemundo.