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C-LM Academy of Social Sciences opens its branch in Toledo, claims to be a place for creating ideas – Spain

C-LM Academy of Social Sciences opens its branch in Toledo, claims to be a place for creating ideas – Spain

The Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities of Castilla-La Mancha launched its branch in Toledo on Friday at an event held in the city hall of the regional capital where they claimed the usefulness and suitability of this organization as a place to discuss and work out details. ideas.

An event chaired by the President of the Castilian-La Mancha Academy, Luis Arroyo Zapatero, and in which the Vice President, Juan Ignacio de Mesa also participated; Mayor Carlos Velasquez; and Toledo County Council President, Concepcion Cedillo.

The president of the academy admitted that “it is not easy to create new institutions” but stressed that “there was no regional academic institution.”

He continued: “There is the art of cooking and medicine, but the Academy of Law, Jurisprudence, Economics, Business and all literature did not exist and it is necessary,” considering that the region is not yet “a place for discussion or preparation of ideas.”

Arroyo pointed out that the Castilla-La Mancha region needs this space to establish academic relations, because “it would be a waste of time not to do so.” At this point, he stated, “it is beneficial for a region that is still in the birth stage to benefit from this proven capacity.”

“When you look at the list of people from the Toledo branch you realize that, except for the women, who are active and have a lot of work, how many are there who are not invited to do anything and have the ability?” .

For his part, the mayor described this project as “wonderful” and wanted to congratulate the academy on this initiative that became a reality on Friday, expressing his “pride” that it crystallized in this event in City Hall. He also stated that this organization will leave a “very positive mark” in the city.

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The city's mayor stressed that Toledo has always been “a space for creators and knowledge generation” and wants to continue doing so, predicting that the Toledo branch of the academy “can help” in Toledo's nomination as European Capital of Culture in 2031.

Finally, the President of the Toledo District Council, Concepcion Cedillo, thanked her for her presence at the event and reiterated her “commitment” and support “as much as possible” to strengthen the chapter’s activity.