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Biological Sciences at UJED Gomez Palacio teaches a research seminar – El Sol de Durango

Biological Sciences at UJED Gomez Palacio teaches a research seminar – El Sol de Durango

Gómez Palacio, DGO (OEM).- The Faculty of Biological Sciences (FCB) of the University of Juárez, Durango (UJED), through the Department of Graduate Studies and Research, has implemented the “Research Seminar Presentation” part of the guidelines for the study plan for the MSc in Environmental Management, MSc and Ph.D. Science in biodiversity and environment.

Which aims to approve protocols and review the research progress of students' theses, in accordance with the quality standards assessed by the National Council for the Humanities, Sciences and Technology (CONAHCYT).

Juan Carlos Herrera Salazar, Head of Graduate Studies at FCB UJED, highlighted that this presentation seeks students to demonstrate their scientific research skills and receive feedback from the Basic Academic Cores (NAB) composed of researchers from the National System of Researchers (SNI), faculty members and external experts. From institutions such as the UNAM Institute of Biotechnology and the University of Michoacana in San Nicolás de Hidalgo.

“This process helps students properly direct their research projects, and encourages the appropriate use of the scientific method. He stressed the importance of theses in generating knowledge, addressing environmental problems, and contributing to scientific publishing and social responsibility.

He emphasized that the postgraduate programs offered by FCB UJED fall within the National Postgraduate System (SNP), which underpins their quality and requires compliance with the guidelines set by CONAHCYT.

“This activity is carried out twice a year to ensure knowledge generation and contribution to the social environment by CONACYT scholarship students.”