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Biden’s experiment, ignoring Beijing games – Chronicle

The White House fire has made it clear that the United States is not currently discussing the Beijing 2022 Games boycott. Spokeswoman Jen Sackie made the remarks yesterday after Foreign Office spokeswoman Netflix confirmed the allegations were ignored. Will be explored between the United States and its allies.

Ignore the Beijing Winter Olympics scheduled for February 4-23, 2022, which human rights activists have already called the ‘genocide game’. Joe Biden’s test is strong, a sensational conflict to send a clear message to dictator Xi Jinping: the United States will not stand by and watch the most severe racial persecution taking place in China. House did not hesitate to define “genocide of the Uyghurs.” According to the United Nations, more than a million people, including those from other Muslim minorities, are being held in forced labor camps in the Xinjiang region. But this is not the only case of human rights violations in the Asian giant, think only of the suppression of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong and the old question of Tibet. Whether it is China, Russia or Saudi Arabia, it is an intolerable situation for the US president to turn the struggle against world repression into a cornerstone of the White House’s new foreign policy. State Department spokesman Netflix confirmed that the United States was considering common measures with allies, including the hypothesis that Beijing would boycott the 2022 Games, “and that the integrated approach would be in the best interests of our allies as well.”

No decision has been made yet, he clarified. Nevertheless, his statements angered the Chinese government, which, under US pressure, threatened a “strong response” against countries that decided to prevent the event, with the risk of political and economic retaliation. “The international community will not accept such a thing,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Ligia, who underlined that “politicizing the sport is against the Olympic spirit and harms the interests of athletes from all countries.” In fact, if Fiden wants to make progress in presenting Beijing’s boycott forms, he will have to deal with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team, which has already rejected the hypothesis of a hard line: “This is a decision that only affects athletes. Advised. A break for the boycott seems to have come from Berlin, where a German government spokesman confirmed talks with the Americans and other allies, however, underscoring the general principle of “game autonomy”. According to experts, there are two possible scenarios, sports and economic boycott (sponsors and television rights) are not possible. On the other hand, the path of diplomatic boycott is so viable that Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and some European countries can be seen on the US side as it refuses to send representatives of its government to Beijing. , But not Asian allies like Japan, South Korea and India.

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