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Bears raid a Krispy Kreme donut car at an Alaska military base  Rest of the world

Bears raid a Krispy Kreme donut car at an Alaska military base Rest of the world

Authorities in Alaska reported that two bears from a military base attacked a Krispy Kreme donut truck that was stopped in front of a store while it was on its way for a delivery.

The driver usually leaves the doors open when he stops at the store, but this time a sow and one of her cubs entered, where they stayed for probably 20 minutes Tuesday morning, store manager Shelley Deano said. Elmendorf-Richardson GMM Express Base.

The bears ate the cakes and other pastries, ignoring the blows on the side of the truck to scare them away, Deano said.

“I was bumping into the truck and they wouldn’t move. I could hear them opening packages and everything. I was like, ‘They don’t even care,'” he explained.

Unable to wake the bears, base security was called, which sounded sirens to scare them away.

Finally the bears came out and wandered around the store and gas station for a bit before heading into the woods.

It’s not unusual to see bears in or around the store, but nothing like this has happened before, Deano said, adding that the delivery driver now locks his doors when he stops at the store.

“We are careful when we go in and when we go out. When we take out the garbage, we do it two by two, especially if it is dark,” he said.

Base authorities are “aware of this and other wildlife situations over the past few months,” said Capt. Lexi Smith, a spokeswoman for the base.

“We urge the public to be vigilant to ensure you protect our wildlife and yourselves,” he said via email. “Wildlife may be our neighbors, but they should not be drawn to our human food sources.”