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Are you a Walmart customer?  alert with this

Are you a Walmart customer? alert with this

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The United States Federal Trade Commission recently reported that at the end of 2021 it received information that nearly 40,000 people had been scammed using Walmart gift cards. The total fraud fluctuated at $150 million. in this situation Walmart She agreed to pay $4 million to those who were affected.

But how do you know if you’ve been scammed out of your retail store gift card? The only way to find out if you’ve been scammed is by using gift cardWhen you check your balance online.

This fraud case where scammers Tricking customers into buying $500 to $1,000 worth of Walmart gift cards.

In this regard, Wal-Mart says: “Gift cards are an electronic, safe, easy to obtain and use paid-for way to purchase any product without having to carry cash.”

However, it did alert its users to the possibility of fraud.

Fraud alert

Walmart has warned its customers that gift cards can be used for commitmentfraud! So:

  • Do not buy gift cards with the name or instructions of strangers for family emergencies, fine payments, and extortion
  • Avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

“If our partners suspect that you may be a victim scam“We may not be able to complete the deal,” he said.

according to WalmartOften scammers They ask potential victims to make bank transfers or load money onto prepaid/gift cards and provide their personal identification numbers (PIN). Always treat gift cards like cash. Scammers use mail, the Internet, and even phone calls to search for potential victims.

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Shopping scam

You should be careful when sending money to pay for items purchased in Internet auctions or on websites.
If you are asked to make a bank transfer or load money to a prepaid/gift card to pay for items you won or purchased online, you must be suspicious.