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Apple has stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2 for iPhones

Apple has stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2 for iPhones

There’s no going back… iPhone users can no longer downgrade to iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2.

iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2 are no longer available

Following the launch of iOS 17.2 on December 12 and the subsequent release of iOS 17.2.1 with important bug fixes and stability improvements, Apple has stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2. It will not be possible to reinstall these two latest software updates on the iPhone.

The move comes after Apple stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 just one month ago, in mid-November. now It will not be possible to downgrade to iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2.

Apple stops signing older versions of software so its users are encouraged to install the latest updates Prevent them from having a less secure and stable operating system.

What’s new in iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2 icon

The new features of iOS 17.2 are very useful

It includes the iOS 17.2.1 update that was introduced yesterday Unspecified bug fixes and stability improvements. Technically, this is a minor update for the iPhone. But it was preceded by the iOS 17.2 update, which included major changes.

iOS 17.2 introduced the app notenew Widgets For weather and clock applications, significant improvements have been made in Apple musicchanges in Messages-Sound settings Notifications,Support for Space video From Apple Vision Pro and new functionality for the action button on iPhone 15 Pro. In addition, iOS 17.2 brought 11 new secret features worth knowing.

For its part, the iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2 updates that Apple stopped signing off on were simply welcomed bug fixes and security improvements to the iPhone. Specifically, issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple Pay, and the Weather app widget.

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Next stop: iOS 17.3

iPhone with iOS 17.3 icon

We review all the iOS 17.3 news

Now Apple has set the tone for iOS 17.3. The Californian company has prepared the first beta of iOS 17.3 with very interesting changes such as the collaborative menus function for Apple Music.

iOS 17.3 brings this exciting feature to iPhone users Share to Apple Music playlists Next to your contacts to add your favorite songs from different devices.

One of the cool new features of iOS 17.3 is entering the scene It is a feature designed to protect stolen iPhones. Apple will require identification through Touch ID and Face ID, its two biometric security systems. This change has come about as a result of many thieves monitoring their victims to discover their unlock code before stealing their iPhones.

Hence, Apple has stopped signing iOS 17.1.1 and iOS 17.1.2. If you are thinking of installing one of these updates or downgrading, this will no longer be possible.