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Christmas tree in space?  NASA captures a strange photo that went viral – People – Culture

Christmas tree in space? NASA captures a strange photo that went viral – People – Culture

The Christmas season is one of the most awaited seasons by many people around the world.Because this represents joy and family unity. In addition, the streets of many countries are usually full of Christmas trees, lights and decorations.

However, the Milky Way has also become festive this year NASA has released an image and animation of a nebula that looks like a cosmic Christmas tree.

According to NASA, this is a new image of NGC 2264, also known as The “Christmas Tree Cluster” consists of a group of young stars, between one and five million years old. In addition, it is located about 2,500 light-years from Earth.

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In addition, They explained that the composite image enhances the resemblance to a Christmas tree through color and rotation options. In the shared animation you can see the blue and white lights, which are young stars emitting X-rays discovered by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

In addition, gas in the nebula appears green, which corresponds to “pine needles” in a tree. The image was also rotated clockwise about 160 degrees to show that the top of the tree is at the top of the image.

It is worth noting that although the image was edited by NASA scientists, it was taken by its Chandra Observatory. This space telescope is designed to detect X-ray emissions from highly visible regions of the universe, such as supernovas, galaxies and the matter surrounding black holes.

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The Christmas Tree Cluster, or NGC 2264, takes its name not from its shape, but from the brightness of its stars, which light up the surrounding area like Christmas tree lights.This photo went viral on the X platform, formerly Twitter, and many netizens commented that it was very beautiful and intriguing.

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