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Angela Aguilar talks about her love life, what did she say?

Angela Aguilar talks about her love life, what did she say?

On more than one occasion young singer Specializing in Mexican Regional Angela Aguilar What is with you I love the emotional life, which is something many have been interested in knowing for a long time.

For a year maybe a little more Angela Aguilar She became a very beautiful young woman with an enviable figure, especially because of her small waist, which immediately reminds us of the beauty and boldness of Maria Felix.

The theme of passionate love for his youngest daughter Baby Aguilar It has always been a topic of conversation, as everyone always wants to know more about their idols, especially when it comes to their private lives.

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Something the young translator of the “Tell Me How You Want” program at the moment may not be interested in participating, but she understands the audience’s need to know a little, so she decided to answer some questions in an interview.

Angela Aguilar opens up about her love life | Instagram angela_aguilar_

He was very clear that the question about his love life would stand out amongst everyone which is no doubt, Angela Aguilar He couldn’t dodge, what surprised more than one was his answer, which had been the same since he started questioning if he actually had a partner.

Angela once again commented that at the moment she prefers to focus 100% on her career, so having a loving partner is not her priority, especially since she will not be interested in him due to her constant work.

As you well know, he recently released a new album focusing on Garibo Sin Fronteras, concerts for the tour in which he participates alongside his brother Leonardo Aguilar, his father, Pepe Aguilar, and his uncle Antonio Aguilar Jr.

Thanks to the fact that the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty inherited a beautiful voice, it allowed her entire family to feel proud of continuing to be one of the most famous dynasties in Mexico.

It was Antonio Aguilar and Fleur Silvestre who gave life to this famous breed as the Fernandez family and together they became pillars of regional Mexican music and they definitely have very good bonds.

So much so that Vicente Fernandez gave a beautiful horse to young Angela Aguilar who decided to baptize him Speedy, there are even hints that Don Chianti was Angela’s father, which is inconsequential since he is identical to Baby Aguilar.

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