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Angela Aguilar defends Belinda over her split from Nodal

Angela Aguilar defends Belinda over her split from Nodal

Can be called female solidarity that was Angela Aguilar With BelindaBecause he came out to defend him after his relationship with him Christian NodalEspecially because of the criticism and accusations he was exposed to beautiful singer green eyes

Surprising who knows Angela Aguilar It’s Nodal, let’s remember they dueled together “Tell Me How You Want”, one song that became a hit, he probably only heard about Belinda, but they didn’t know each other physically.

Because of the friendship that still exists between the Mexican regional translators, especially because of the rumor that she was jealous at that time of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, which is why both young men stopped being friends.

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Shortly before their breakup, Angela commented that she would like to have a love affair like that of these young celebrities, just as strong and beautiful, so she was promptly questioned about the criticism she had to live through these days.. Translator “Frog” .

Angela Aguilar defends Belinda for her split from Nodal | Instagram angela_aguilar_

The fact was the interpreter asked about the $3 million engagement ring Nodal gave Belinda.

Faced with these questions like a real lady, Angela Aguilar has stated that she deserves respect as much as any other woman, speaking in general not only to fans who have been attacking her since then, but also to the media who would like more information.

As for Christian, he stated with a kind and respectful message that he hopes to do a very good job in his career as a singer, and also sends him a lot of love and above all blessings and not only to him, but to the whole world.

Although questions still swirl about Belinda’s alleged bad deeds, the singer simply said that she considers it bad for others to speak badly of women, noting that she believes no one should.

Thanks for the answers you provided Angela AguilarAlthough she obviously doesn’t know Belinda as a woman, she wants respect not only for herself but for any other woman who needs her, especially when she is notorious.

As for the questions asked by the media, he was also questioned about February 14, as he on Instagram did not publish content related to Valentine’s Day, but stated that he spends it next to his family among flowers and eating a lot.

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