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An unusual exercise by the elderly in China to keep fit: “They look like reptiles”

An unusual exercise by the elderly in China to keep fit: “They look like reptiles”

enjoy a Long and active life It’s the goal we all set ourselves, although there are places where it seems easier to achieve than others. China Popular to own The highest longevity rates in the worldAn achievement it achieves thanks to the commitment of its citizens to follow healthy habits, although this must be recognized Some of them may surprise us.

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in it fitness Asian trends never stop reinventing themselves, and for months on the networks a Practice that stand out so much for it Unusual personality As for the age of the one who practices it. about him crocodile crawlingwhich is a sport translated in Spanish as Crocodile stepAnd it didn’t take long for it to catch on on TikTok and other platforms.

“Oh my God, they look like reptiles!”“I couldn’t do it publicly” or “China never ceases to amaze us” are some of the comments that can be read in the posts featuring it. What exactly does it consist of? Surely you are already imagining it (and yes, you are on the right track).

Which consists?

Its name gives many clues about the way this strange exercise is performed. Inspired by yoga movements and ancient military training techniques, this move is a must for those who do scroll in floor, Mimicking the step of an animatronic crocodile and use Pull the arms and legs to move on.

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Modern video for Sixth tone He posts scenes of a group of people walking synchronously “on all fours”. The participants are a group of fitness enthusiasts from Xiangshan Crocodile Walking Team, in Jiangsu Province. in the group, Its oldest member 68 years old.

Walking along the Crocodile has become increasingly popular over the past few months, especially among the elderly. In Xiangshan, reveal the gateEvery morning you might run into this group Movement fan saurópsidos”, who with their movements – completely synchronized – leave a strange postcard in the city. Chu JianliangThe group leader told CCTV that it started two years ago, and since then.The team managed to add more than 70 members“.

Why is it so popular?

Although at first glance it may seem like an unconventional activity, the truth is that it can yield great results for those who do it. The reason for this is that it requires A combination of flexibility, strength and coordinationThree aspects make this a complete and effective exercise.

in it Crocodile step They get involved Several muscle groups at onceWhich makes the body work more than it used to. It is part of the routine of many athletes who, by focusing on movement and maintaining body stability, improve performance stomach muscles without hardly noticing.

The elderly practice walking crocodiles, as well as children who want to enjoy crawling “like a reptile”.


The peculiarity of this exercise lies in fistswhich offers a kind of support surface Smaller and stronger. This makes the challenge more intense, but also very interesting because it shows an alternate form to the typical plank, and can help prevent muscle tension in the wrists.

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Although it is not recommended, for example, for people with back problemsvideos that went viral in China Crocodile step They are surprising because people of different ages appear in them.

imitation of the animal world

In fact, the crocodile’s gait is included in the list of quadrupedal movements, also known as primitive movements, which is a type of training that Inspired by animal movement.

The first researcher who took an interest in it was a professor at the University of Waterloo Stuart M McGillA world authority on back biomechanics and promoter of the McGill method. It is a set of three functional assist movements Improved stability And Reduce the risk of injury in the back of the body.

In his study, the academic presented the benefits balled upand side panel f flying dogIn addition to advising other exercises such as cat camel Or a clam workout. All these exercises plus Crocodile crawled that today is the trend thanks to social networks, Activation of stabilizing muscles in the spine f help Restore lost motor abilities Because of the sedentary lifestyle.